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  • Alstroemeria Watercolour - Framed 2022


  • Cyclamen Watercolour - Framed 2022


  • Orchid Watercolour - Framed 2022


  • Clove Watercolour - Framed 2022



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    India Aqua Outback hand painted boat

    Sep 11 , 2023

    Aqua Outback Boat

    I had the privilege of spending time in Aqua Outback watersport resort during the winter of 2022-2023 in Tamil Nadu, India. While I was there, a new boat was built for scuba diving and other watersport purposes and I was asked to paint it, which I happily did.The staff at the resort helped me with […]


    Practicing Hennah - Practicing Mehndi

    Apr 18 , 2023

    I learned Mehndi/Hennah

    This Winter 2022/2023 I travelled to India, on this 4 month adventure I learned many things but the biggest gift I could bring back to Europe was this fantastic new skill. Locals teached me the technique while I was in Aqua Outback, a water sport center in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, South India. I had tried […]