I love what I do.

So happy I followed my path all these years.

Always grateful for the education my parents provided me. Graduated in Industrial Design Engineering & Product Development at the Univesity of Zaragoza, I gain all the skills that allow me to go further in my projects.

After uni, I sharpened my knowledge in 3D wireframe modeling and learned 2d & 3d animation. Also, I attended some courses at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden about botanical illustration with watercolours.

I get involved in really challenging projects where making new courses is essential. These last years I mainly focused on web development and digital illustration.

I am always open to new projects 😉

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London 2022

Oct 6 , 2022

Summer 2022 – London

Living in a boat is the perfect way to get to know this enormous city. This Summer I have been living in Greenwich, Kings Cross, Angel, Olympic park, Victoria park… Just sharing some photos I took with my phone.



Aug 15 , 2022

VIP Cantina

I designed a food stand for a 6 year old’s birthday party. Unfortunately, I can’t share the name of my client or any of the pictures taken as a non-disclosure agreement was signed. I am sharing the design with the name of the client removed to allow me to display my work. The stand was […]


Thames Beast River Thames

Aug 5 , 2022

The Beast is Alive

The newest vessel on the river Thames in London has my signature! It was a great pleasure to participate in the project together with LDN graphics. The irregular shape of the boat and the crazy concept behind it were challenging but I am quite proud of the overall result. The Thames Beast will be running […]