London 2022

Oct 6 , 2022

Summer 2022 – London

Living in a boat is the perfect way to get to know this enormous city. This Summer I have been living in Greenwich, Kings Cross, Angel, Olympic park, Victoria park… Just sharing some photos I took with my phone.



Aug 15 , 2022

VIP Cantina

I designed a food stand for a 6 year old’s birthday party. Unfortunately, I can’t share the name of my client or any of the pictures taken as a non-disclosure agreement was signed. I am sharing the design with the name of the client removed to allow me to display my work. The stand was […]


Thames Beast River Thames

Aug 5 , 2022

The Beast is Alive

The newest vessel on the river Thames in London has my signature! It was a great pleasure to participate in the project together with LDN graphics. The irregular shape of the boat and the crazy concept behind it were challenging but I am quite proud of the overall result. The Thames Beast will be running […]


Thames RIB Experience office - by Eider Ezama

May 22 , 2022

Design of Thames RIB Experience Office

After the lockdown, the Thames RIB Experience team was looking for a new and more vibrant office. I took part in this entire process, designing the front of the shop and each room. LDN graphics installed the vynils


Beautiful sunset

Nov 3 , 2021

Some Pictures from Home

I went back home and I couldn’t resist sharing the following pictures on my blog. Enjoy the trip!


Toy Truck Design - Eider Ezama

Oct 30 , 2021

Toy Truck

A proposal for a toy directed to a 5-year-old child, inspired by the familiarity of construction vehicles and the magic of fairy tale princesses. The rotative elements will allow the child to play interact and explore different materials.This unique and distinguished Bulldozer is not something to get bored with These renders were created using Cinema […]


Eider Ezama - Exhibiting - Art Pavillon - Mile End -London

Oct 17 , 2021

Find my art in Mile End

Judit Prieto and Beatriz Perez organized this amazing event. This took place from the 7th to the 17th of October 2021 in the Art Pavillon of Mile End Park, London. 70 artists participate in the event, including me! I actually sold one of my pieces. Here is a picture of the art I exhibited. […]


Eider Agirre Ezama - Artwork London 2019

Sep 7 , 2019

Find my art in Wanstead!

I had the opportunity to participate in the Wanstead art trail 2019. The mayority of my work was exhibited in the local tea shop “time for tea”. This piece bellow was exhibited in The Manor House together with all participants artwork.


chair design london

Apr 14 , 2017

Nari-nari chair design

This is part of a bionic design project done at the University of Zaragoza. The students needed to create an object inspired by a chosen natural character. The objective of this design is to transfer the attributes of the Aetobatus narinari into the formal characteristics of an object. Here my personal interpretation of the animal […]