01 March 2020
Forest Midwives Branding - London

Forest Midwives Corporate Identity

‘Forest midwives’ is a home-visit clinic created by independent midwives in the east London area. Distinguished by the close relationships formed with clients, it allows for peace of mind to be achieved throughout pregnancy and into the postnatal stage.

The psychological and physical preparation of clients is based on non-aggressive and preferably natural methods. ‘Forest midwives’prioritises the inherent intelligence of the human body.

Close yet professional; familiar and natural; confidence of personal ability and safety. This small company presents itself with these values. The service being offered is alternative and personalised. A consistent corporate image is nevertheless needed and this is formed through a distinguished and careful brand.

Through a natural, distinctive and light style inspired by art nouveau, an acorn leaf presents the name of the company and nurtures an acorn protectively and maternally. Two typefaces have been combined in the classic typology Goudy Sans and Avenir, a modern non-serif choice.

To reinforce and accompany the logo, a pattern has been designed that hints towards a great designer of the local area, William Morris. The concept repeated within the pattern is of a seed giving life to a tree, represented in a way that reminds us perhaps of fallopian tubes. The familiar scene of a bird taking care of its nest clearly draws a comparison between the devotion a mother has to its children and the dedication given to clients’ wellbeing.

Forest Midwives - Pattern Eider Agirre Ezama
Forest Midwives Pattern - Eider Ezama