sera of london

01 July 2022
Sera of London - Commissions - Eider Ezama

A commission requested by Sera of London. This oil painting has an interesting story behind it. I was at work when I met Sera. She was celebrating her birthday with Evandro Kuhn and the pair sought a spur-of-the-moment tour on a Thames Speedboat. After successive calls to management, we triumphed in matching their needs to our schedule and thus they were brought aboard.

Both people were so lovely and having felt a connection with them, I had a slight suspicion they might be artists. The next day I researched a bit and I found out Sera was a super talented interior designer and Evandro does make the most beautiful bespoke sofas. So I spoke to Sera from my personal Instagram account.

She saw my work and asked for a commission, asking me to choose one of her rooms and make a painting inspired by it.

This was a difficult task for me as I was working full-time, but I did it!

I hope she likes it. Thanks for supporting small artists.